9 ways to beat seasonal allergies without medication

Follow tips below to find relief naturally

Living in the Sunshine State, where weather is pretty much ideal all year, it’s easy to want to spend time outdoors, but having seasonal allergies can make that difficult.

You’ve probably tried every over-the-counter allergy medication available, but still have a hard time not coming down with a case of the sniffles this time of year.

If you’re sick of taking medication, there are some natural remedies that could bring you some relief.

1. Wash up


Without even realizing it, you bring in tiny pieces of the outside world every time you return home. Whether they were tagging along by hitching a ride in your hair or on your skin or sticking to your clothes or shoes, taking a shower right away can help rid you of the little particles you’ve collected while out and about, according to WebMD. Rinsing off will wash away any allergens you would have otherwise allowed to make their way into your home. In the same way, experts also recommend you rinse off your pet if you’ve had them outside on a high-pollen day. Pets can carry or collect some of the dust that could later irritate you.

2. Block them out


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