Why some Sunshine State residents are taking vitamin D

Blood test results reveal deficiency

ORLANDO, Fla. – It’s often called the sunshine vitamin and has been linked to fighting cancer, bone disease and heart disease, but could vitamin D also help you sleep better?

For most, an afternoon walk around the neighborhood is adequate for absorbing vitamin D. 

In some cases, though, genetic variants can cause people to become deficient in vitamin D.

“In Debra's case, when she came to me, she had chronic inflammation, insomnia,” said Dr. Giselle Leon-Ritch, at Acupuncture and Wellness Therapy in South Florida. 

Debra Kerr, 56, was in a boating accident in 2011 and suffered several broken bones. It took time to heal from her injuries, but years later, she still suffered from overwhelming fatigue.

“This chronic exhaustion never went away, and I thought it was a lot of work and a lot of travel,” Kerr said.

When she went for acupuncture treatment, Leon-Ritch recommended vitamin D supplements.

“My energy is there, I am high energy, I am always on the go,” Kerr said.

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