Can You Catch Coronavirus From Your Shoes?


The Centers for Disease Control has said that COVID-19 can live on a variety of surfaces for hours or even days.

Many are concerned that they may be unknowingly picking up germs on the street on their shoes and bringing them into their home. 

Shoe soles are typically made from synthetic, non-porous material and could be a breeding ground for bacteria. Some infectious disease experts say COVID-19 can live on the soles for up to five days. However, other experts have said the concern about shoes is overblown.

Still, New Jersey Dr. Eric Pena takes a sensible approach by taking off his shoes when he comes home from the hospital. 

"Shoes I leave at the door," he said. "They never come into the house."

Before the coronavirus outbreak, Inside Edition sent the shoes of a professional dancer to a lab for testing and they were loaded with fungi and bacteria. 

Until more is known about how likely it is to contaminate your home with coronavirus from your shoes, it may be advisable to practice basic hygiene, including leaving shoes at the front door, cleaning them with an antibacterial wipe or, as an extra precaution, putting them into the washing machine.


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