Floatable wine glasses exist and we can all die happy now

The future is here and it's full of floatable wine glasses

Yes, you can actually buy floatable wine glasses.

Floating on a raft at a pool party or amid a day spent at the lake are essential parts of enjoying the summer months, but it's not complete unless you've got a fruity sangria or ice cold beer in hand. The trouble, however, always comes when you need to set down your drink for just a moment and the ledge of the pool just won't do. Well, dear reader, let us introduce you to the floatable wine glass that is here to solve all your problems. 

The company the Beach Glass has perfected outdoor drinking with the reusable and sustainable floating wine glass. Just pour your favorite beverage in the glass and watch it gently float next to you in the pool while you catch some rays on a giant inflatable flamingo. Can anything be better than that? 


The best part about the wine glasses is that they also double as fantastic glasses while drinking on a beach or next to a bonfire. You just shove the pointy end deep down in the sand and you don't have to worry about your cup spilling over due to uneven ground. 


They even have different types of glasses in case you're sipping on a cocktail and not wine. 


The Beach Glass isn't the only place where you can get these life-changing glasses. The supermarket Aldi sells their own version of floating wine glasses (plus a bunch of other summer essentials you'll want to check out) that are pretty inexpensive. 


Now go forth and get all the floatable wine glasses your heart desires. Just make sure to invite us to the pool party! 


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