Wounded store clerk explains how violent robbery unfolded

New video shows man posing as customer was in on robbery

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DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – There were plenty of customers inside the Quick Start Food Mart on South Martin Luther King Boulevard in Daytona Beach Tuesday night when a store clerk was shot during a robbery.

Police interviewed witnesses, but after checking video from a surveillance camera outside the store they realized one of the customers inside was actually involved in the robbery.

Local 6 spoke exclusively with the store clerk known as, "Simon" from his hospital bed.

"They are dangerous. They have no mercy," Simon said Thursday about the robbers.

He did not want to show his face because he said he's in fear for his life since the two robbers have not been caught.

Store surveillance video shows how Simon was pulled over the counter by the masked gunman, and then shot in the hand and the knee.

"I'm still in pain. I cannot move and I cannot walk," Simon said.

His injuries are now bandaged as he explains how the robbery unfolded.

"I'm wrestling with his gun and at some point his mask came off on the floor and then I saw his face," Simon said.

Simon recognized him as a customer who came in a few months ago, but said his accomplice seen in a white striped shirt came into the store several times a day for the past week.

"He doesn't buy anything usually. He just watches me and I watched him too," Simon said.

The new surveillance video shows that man hanging out at the store for an hour before the robbery then he meets up with the gunman and waits for him to put on his mask before the two enter the store together.

During the robbery customers run for safety, others hide but the man in the white striped shirt posing as a customer sticks around to talk to police after the robbery.

Simon knew he was involved when he didn't help him after the robber fled.

"I'm bleeding and he didn't help. He never helped because he was involved," Simon said.

His scheme seemed to have worked since police let him go until detectives saw the video.

Now they are searching for both men they believe are behind the robbery hoping to catch them before they strike again.

"They are capable. They don't care what they get. They don't care that I have a family," Simon said.

If you have any information that could help detectives track down those responsible, call the Daytona Beach Police Department.