3 face charges in Orlando-area break-ins

College Park resident hopes cameras deter thieves

ORLANDO, Fla. – Three men are facing charges in a string of home burglaries across downtown Orlando, Winter Park and College Park.

But it's still unclear just how many of the break-ins the trio may be responsible for -- and residents are not letting their guard down.

In the past month, there have been at least seven home burglaries near Lake Silver in College Park.

In many cases, thieves go-door-to-door and knock on doors to see if anyone's home before breaking in.

Allison Palmer is now getting security cameras at her College Park home.

"We pulled in about 6 o'clock and the front door was open," said Palmer.  When my daughter walked in, she asked where the TV was and so I called everybody out and I knew that somebody had broken into our house."

Security Pro camera installers will focus on Palmer's doors and driveway since get-away vehicles are often nearby.

"No one's going to be able to go to your front door without being on video," said Security Pro installer Chad Casassa. "The video does not need to be turned on or turned off, it's going to be motion-activated."

Just down the street from Palmer, Phillip McMican keeps a close eye on the area. The retired fraud investigator is also the neighborhood watch captain.

"I chased one guy through the neighborhood one time," said McMican. "He was going from home to home parking in driveways and I followed him and eventually just asked him to leave the neighborhood. He knew he was being watched, so he left."

In many cases, thieves kicked in the front door.  Local 6 found one busted door still outside one of the homes.

Security Pro experts recommend reinforcing doors and frames with longer screws that reach studs or cement.

Meantime, Palmer hopes her new cameras will not only prevent crime, but also help prosecute criminals.

"So even if they stop at my house and they don't break into my house, I still have video," said Palmer.