Orange County homeowner captures break-in on camera

Video shows robber in garage, stealing tools

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – A local homeowner is turning to social media to track down a thief. He posted his own home surveillance video on Local 6's Facebook page and YouTube asking for help.

The video shows a man entering Jason Alday's garage and stealing tools, all while the Alday family was inside their Orange County home.

On our crime tracker map, we found at least 10 home burglaries within about five miles of the Alday's Preserve at Rio Pinar subdivision in the last 2 weeks.

"He was really bold," said homeowner Jason Alday. "There was people walking their dogs."

The surveillance video is four minutes long. It was shot from a camera right outside Jason and Amy Alday's home.

On July 7, you can see the thief drive-by in what appears to be a black Chevy Cobalt. Minutes later, he enters their garage.

"We have cameras, we have an alarm and unfortunately this all happened while we were home," said Jason Alday.

As the camera rolls, you can see the man come and go several times. He hauls out $1,500 worth of tools and lawn equipment.

The suspect is wearing a ball cap, mustache and has a distinct tattoo on his right arm."

"Very bold," said Amy Alday. "It's scary because we were inside and I have two small children and to know that he was in our garage just on the other side of the wall," said Amy Alday.
The Aldays had felt safe living in their private, gated community. It wasn't until days later that they even realized someone had taken their tools. When they checked the camera and saw the video, they immediately started sharing on-line.

"I've got some clear shots of him and people will recognize him and you know you can't escape the Internet," said Jason Alday.

The Alday's also went door-to-door, handing out fliers to let their neighbors know what happened. Sure enough, another neighbor had also been broken into a few weeks ago by someone in a similar car, a black Chevy Cobalt. If you see or recognize the man in the surveillance video, call the Orange County Sheriff's Office.

About the Author:

Lisa Bell has been in Central Florida since 2007, covering the big stories that impact our community. Lisa was promoted to News 6 evening news co-anchor in May 2014.