Man uses billboard, web site to 'find love'

'Gordy' spent 'a few thousand dollars' for billboard

CHICAGO – A Charlotte man fed up with the online dating scene has decided to find love through a different medium -- a billboard in Chicago.

Gordon "Gordy" Engle has created a stir in the Windy City with his "Help Gordy Find Love" billboard and web site.

The billboard has a picture of Gordy playing his guitar and reads: "...I'm GORDON. Let's have dinner." Gordy's web site is listed underneath his message, with a heart replacing the "o" in love.

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His web site is full of pictures and information about the bachelor. Gordy was born in Chicago, but he grew up in the Philippines and in Kansas. He currently lives in Charlotte.

Gordy's special skills include "cooking, water skiing, piano and guitar."

He describes himself as a successful entrepreneur who owns a company in the financial services industry. His job requires him to do "quite a bit of business in other countries."

Despite living in Charlotte, Gordy says he wants to find a woman in Chicago because he was born there, his parents met there, he has family in the city and thinks "Chicagoans are just awesome people with great values."

Gordy told WGN News he was finding no success through the online dating scene, and thought it would be smart to just advertise himself where tens of thousands of people would see him.

"There's not a big difference between a billboard and, say,," Gordy told WGN.

Gordy says the investment has already been worth it.

"You'll spend several thousand on an education," Gordy told WGN. "You'll spend a quarter-million on a house, you'll spend all of this money on a car but then what's you're most important thing -- you're significant other."