Report: Companies raise prices before Black Friday deals

Lawmaker: Discounts offered on 'inflated prices'

NEW YORK – Shoppers beware: some companies may have raised the prices of popular Black Friday products before offering "doorbuster" deals, according to a New York lawmaker.

New York attorney general Eric Schneiderman says research shows many stores "jack the price up" in early November -- when no one notices -- so they can then advertise bigger discounts on the major shopping day.

"Desperate shoppers make easy victims," Schneiderman told WCBS-TV.

Research by Shop Advisor -- an online research site -- shows in 2011, Black Friday was one of the worst days to find deals. Shop Advisor claims the best day to find the most products on sale was December 1, 2011.

According to Schneiderman, the best way to ensure shoppers are getting the best deal is to research the price history of a product and compare it to the current price.