Goat intruder caught on camera

A man called 911 after he found a goat trying to break into his home

OKLAHOMA CITY, Oklahoma – A man who thought a burglar was trying to break into his home got quite the surprise when he found an angry goat staring him down.

"It was a goat. I don't know what it was," said Edgar Cardoza. "It was like a ram I think. Can't really tell."

Cardoza was so shocked by the animal intruder, he called 911.

"We got there. It wasn't a ram, it was a goat," said Lt. Jeff Spruill, "But it was trying to beat down his front door."

When police arrived, Cardoza refused to leave his home. That's when the relentless goat turned his horns on police and tried to get inside their patrol car.

Cardoza says his neighbor uses the goat as protection. The goat is now back with its owner.