Restaurant offers chocolate-fried chicken

Condiments include chocolate chive butter, chocolate ketchup


LOS ANGELES – A new restaurant in Los Angeles is betting on its customers' love of chocolate.

The main draw of "ChocoChicken" is its chocolate-fried chicken. Keith Previte, co-founder of the restaurant, says the recipe is top secret.

"I can't tell you the recipe," Previte told KCAL-TV. "But I can tell you there is chocolate in parts of the recipe."

Previte says the dry rub includes at least 20 ingredients.

"It takes fried chicken to a whole new level," Previte said. "We try to push boundaries on some of the culinary aspects and do things that people haven't done before."

ChocoChicken's menu also includes white chocolate mashed potatoes, mashed potatoes with chocolate chive butter, chocolate ketchup and a chocolate martini.