Sanford 6-year-old plays impressive version of 'Let it Go' on violin

Young violinist's tribute to 'Frozen' gets more than 1,000 views on YouTube


SANFORD, Fla. – Leah Flynn is only 6 years old and she can play dozens of pieces on the violin, most by memory, including her favorite, "Let It Go," from Disney's "Frozen."

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"It's so high and so nice and Elsa uses her ice powers to create a big castle on the North mountain," said Leah.

The pint-sized prodigy hasn't even been playing the violin for two years, yet she's attracting lots of attention. Her parents Paula and Lennox Flynn posted a video of their daughter playing the Disney hit on YouTube. It's already gotten more than 1,000 views.

Leah, who first learned to play piano at age 3, says she hopes to one day be a violinist and a violin teacher. She and her parents consider her talent a gift from God.

Paula Flynn says her daughter practices up to two hours a day. Besides home she plays at church and in a youth orchestra. Everywhere she plays her parents say, people notice her extraordinary talent.

But they always make sure she'll stay humble.

"God gave you the talent. It's not your talent. It's a God-given talent and you're going to do your best of course, but you're not better than anyone else," said Paula Flynn.

Leah says with each stroke of her bow, she likes to know people enjoy her music.

"I want them to feel happy and excited and feel like I did a great job," she said.

Video: Violin prodigy plays 'Frozen'