Central Florida hospitals prepare for possible Ebola cases

No cases reported in Florida

Central Florida hospitals are preparing to treat patients possibly infected with the deadly Ebola virus.

Orlando Health says 200-300 employees throughout its chain of facilities have already been trained and more training is ongoing.

The health care chain has about 600 white Dupont Tyvek coverall suits for employees to wear as personal protective equipment when treating potential patients.

Employees are being trained on how to properly wear and dispose of the fluid resistant suits.

Ebola is contracted through body fluids.

Officials at Orlando health say all of its hospitals are screening patients who have flu-like symptoms, who have traveled to West Africa where there is an outbreak of the virus.

"As soon as they say, 'I've got this travel history,' and we know that they've got the symptoms, they're immediately taken back into isolation,"  said Scott Brown, the Director of Infection Prevention and Control at Florida Health.

Several people who train the staff, demonstrated how the suits are supposed to be worn.

The suit zips up the front with a hood that goes over the head.  One set of gloves goes under the sleeve of the suit, a second set of gloves is worn and then taped to the sleeves to prevent any fluids from going up the sleeve and coming in contact with skin.

There is also protective footwear, respiratory masks, and a head shield that goes over the face to protect the nose, mouth and eyes.

Officials at Florida Hospital also say their employees have been trained.