Wild hogs hunted in Brevard neighborhood

Some worry animals may pose threat to children trick-or-treating

SUNTREE, Fla. – A wildlife trapper is on the trail for wild hogs, including one believed to be about 350 pounds, before they damage any more lawns or possibly harm children in a Suntree community.

Licensed wildlife trapper James Dean said the wild hogs have torn up the lawns of 17 homes in Sawgrass at Suntree in recent days. Hogs have caused problems every year in the area, he said.

"This year is the worst I've ever seen," Dean told Local 6 News partner Florida Today.

With Halloween coming, Dean wants to trap most of the hogs so they won't pose a danger to children.

"Pigs are coming out of the woods and going into the street," he said. "They are going after grub worms."

Dean has trapped eight hogs and has set up more traps.