Halloween Horror Nights actors quit after being attacked

Guest could be charged in assault at Universal Orlando

ORLANDO, Fla. – At least two scare actors have quit Universal Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights after they say they were attacked.

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Over the weekend, a 21-year-old Ft. Myers man kicked an actor in the face, police said.

"While scaring people in the house, a male paused in front of an actor's hiding position, turned to face him and then kicked him in the face with his right foot," an Orlando police report said.

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News 6 spoke to other actors off camera who claimed they have been trampled, smacked, shoved and even sexually harassed.

Mark Krise goes to the annual event six to seven times a year. He posted a YouTube video asking for a stop to the abuse after witnessing it himself on opening night.

"Out of nowhere, this random lady just shows up and hugs right behind and the nurse (actress) had to duck under to get away from her," Krise said.

He said selling alcohol at the event isn't helping.

A representative for Universal Orlando told News 6, "The safety of our team members and our guests is our most important priority. We have a zero-tolerance policy that can include prosecution of anyone suspected of compromising the safety of our team members. Our scare actors receive special safety training and we staff our event with uniformed law enforcement officers and team members whose role is to keep everyone safe."

Former scare actors said they are warned of possible misconduct by guests. However, Krise said it's a level of fear no one should have to face.

"I don't think that they expected it to be at the level that it is right now," he said.?

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Orlando police said they would be filing a simple battery charge with the State Attorney's Office against the guest who attacked the actor this past weekend.

Meanwhile, News 6 has learned the attacks haven't just been happening at Halloween Horror Nights.

Aaron Davison plays Twisty the clown from American Horror Story at an Ocoee haunted house. 

"It's been going great. It's been really fun. There have been a lot of great guests reactions. A lot of people know that it's for fun, and then there are some people that kind of get out hand," he said.

Davison says while scaring a guest this weekend he was met with a hand to the face, with the man's fingers poking his eyes.

"It was definitely malicious," he said. "Once I saw him and I scared him, he just quickly did it right away. No one would've had a natural reaction like that."  

Other scareactors told News 6 they've been trampled, smacked, shoved and even sexually harassed. 

Davison said he believes it's a combination of two things.

"People wanting to show off in front of their friends, and definitely alcohol," he said. "You can't pinpoint just one. It's a wide variety of points that could be the problem here."