Local broadcasters make trek to Mount Kilimanjaro


What if you were told that you had cancer? What would you do? Who would you tell? How would you tell them? So many questions, and that's before you begin one of the hardest things you'll ever have to do, fight the disease.

And fight you will.  It won't be easy, but you can win. You can survive, you can live  and you can celebrate. Celebrate life by doing something that you've always wanted to do, something that you didn't think you could ever do, like forming a team to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro in east Africa and complete one of your greatest adventures.

Sound crazy? That's exactly what 16 cancer survivors and their closest supporters did.

Their adventure was captured by a very familiar face to Central Floridians, Marc Middleton. Marc, founder and CEO of "Bolder Broadcasting" is also an executive producer of "Surviving & Thriving," a quarterly produced show that airs on WKMG Local 6.

Marc made the trek with 15 others, one of whom is very close to his heart, his former co-anchor, Wendy Chioji.

Wendy, a two-time cancer survivor recently found out that her battle is not over. She has been diagnosed with recurrent Thymic Carcinoma and was just accepted into a clinical trial. In true Wendy fashion, she's ready to do battle again, and win.

The film, a first for Middleton, is called "Conquering Kilimanjaro." It had its worldwide premiere on October 18 in Austin, Texas, and the response has been overwhelming.

Here are a few of the comments made after the premiere of the film.

  • "No way to watch and not cry."
  • "Unbelievable way to capture the stories and journey.  I can't say enough about it."
  • "It was awesome, it was so powerful, so moving, so inspirational."
  • "It makes you feel like you could do anything."
  • "Breathtaking, just awesome, I want to go back and watch it again."

The film will make its Florida premiere in Orlando for one night only, on December 3. The film will be shown at Full Sail Live on University Blvd. at 7pm.   The film will make its broadcast premiere on Local 6 early 2015.

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