Windermere police ID several women after releasing photos

Investigators hope to check on well-being of unidentified women

WINDERMERE, Fla. – Windermere police on Wednesday said they have identified five women after releasing photos possibly linked to sex attacks.

"The (Windermere Police Department) will not be identifying these women, and we are moving forward with an open investigation," authorities said in an email.

Police said one of the women was identified by a tattoo and they are, "still following many leads and may have others identified but are uncertain. Those women are safe at this time as well."

The search is on for four other women.

Investigators released the photos on Tuesday, showing nine women apparently unconscious or asleep, in an effort to track down possible victims and check on their well-being.

"Anyone with information regarding the identity of any of these woman (should contact the) Windermere Police Department," officials said.

Police said the photos are screen-grabs are from videos likely recorded anywhere from 2008 to 2013.

"This is unusual. It reminds me a lot about the Cosby case," said News 6 Legal Analyst Steven Kramer.

He said what the women tell police investigators will be pivotal to any arrest.

"These women were in compromising positions, and there may have been some kind of sex acts," he said. "And based on the fact that these women were unconscious -- did they give consent? I don't know. And that's what the police are going to be looking at here."

The photo release comes months after police searched the home of Darryl Patterson. Authorities are not commenting on whether the women may have been victims of sexual assault or if the photos are related to an ongoing sexual battery investigation in which Patterson may have drugged women and had sex with them, either while they were unconscious or semiconscious.

While police have questioned Patterson, he has never been arrested, and his previous lawyer said in the past that he has done nothing wrong.

In May, police executed a search warrant at Patterson’s home. A woman claims Patterson tried to sexually assault her but she got away. Police later discovered someone else had made similar allegations and provided detectives with a video that allegedly shows Patterson having sex with at least three women who may not have been incapacitated. Patterson remains under investigation in that case.

News 6 learned earlier this year that Patterson was involved in a crime in 2009 in Orange County but as a victim. According to a police report, two men broke into his now ex-girlfriend's house, robbed, then sexually assaulted her in front of him. Friends of Patterson told News 6 that Patterson hasn't been the same since that experience.

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