Family fears coyote killed cat after camera catches chase between animals

Numerous pets go missing in area near Gleason Park

INDIAN HARBOUR BEACH, Fla. – One local family said they fear a coyote may have killed their beloved cat,after their home security cameras caught one chasing their pet around their home.

The coyote was spotted along Bay Drive East in Indian Harbour Beach. Cameras spotted it wander up the driveway and around the back of the house.

It's a video that Scott Fee never expected. He discovered the footage after his family cat, Ni Kitty, vanished just before dawn on New Year's Day.

"My hair on the back on my neck stood up. It's scary," said Fee. "Our concern grew as time went on that day. My wife noticed a paw print in our backyard, a large paw print."

Another angle shows the coyote chase the cat. Then, the cat is seen running under a truck. Later, the coyote is seen following the pet, and then a second coyote is seen approaching the home.

"They have no business being in a residential area with a lot of population, with people walking their dogs," said Fee.

The coyotes may have come from nearby Gleason Park, a popular area where lately, cats have gone missing.

Fee said at least five cats have disappeared, including local strays that have become harder to find.

City leaders said they have heard of coyote sightings in the area, and they've heard of missing pets over the past year, but only now have they put two and two together, thanks to the video.

The city now must set traps at the nearby Algonquin Sports Complex to catch the coyotes.

Until then, it's a warning to neighbors to keep pets inside.

"They have to take it serious. They are here and they are going to feed their young. Our pets are an easy opportunity," said Fee.