Orange County crews to work through weekend for trash pickup

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – Officials in Orange County on Friday said that due to the delayed trash pickup around the county they're going to have crews out this weekend assisting with the problem.

Orange County this week rolled out its new automated trash collection where trucks with mechanical arms scoop up county bins.

The service is supposed to be more efficient, but there have been some issues.

"The garbage was supposed to be picked up Tuesday," said Dan Imiolo. "They didn't come to pick it up until 7 p.m. Thursday night."

Imiolo lives in east Orange County. Not only is he upset with the late pickup, but also the new trash system itself.

"The truck has to come, they have to line up, then they have to pick up the can, then they have to dump it, then they have to put it back down. The old guys would've done four or five house by then," said Imiolo.

County officials admit that their new system has fallen behind, and blame a learning curve for both the trash haulers and the homeowners.

Jim Becker, manager of the county's solid waste division, says his guys are working diligently to make sure everyone's trash is picked up.

"Our haulers are out, they will be picking everything up, and they're going to be working tomorrow for any areas they missed during the week," said Becker. "Be confident and patient if you can."

A News 6 viewer also sent in pictures of their car, which they say was damaged by one of those new automated trash trucks.

The viewer said that the automated arm went through the hood of the car, causing more than $6,000 in damage.

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