Sanford pizza manager featured on 'Undercover Boss'

News 6 visits Marco's Pizza on Rinehart Road in Sanford

SANFORD, Fla. – Only seconds into the show "Undercover Boss" and viewers can tell Tyler Weaver is about business.

It's the same serious but very personable attitude that stood out when News 6 visited the Marco's Pizza on Rinehart Road, in Sanford.

The 21-year-old manager is running a tight ship, and when half a dozen cameras showed up for what he thought was some sort of documentary, he didn't break a sweat. Well, almost.

"I got to say there was a moment I started sweating a little bit. We started getting a little busier," Weaver said.

But Weaver knows hard work. News 6 watched him whip dough and sauce into tasty pizza masterpieces. The same way he showed off to "Jay," the undercover boss, but he couldn't help notice "Jay" was a little hairy.

"If he sees this, I hope he doesn't take offense to this. We all thought he was a homeless dude," Weaver said, never once thinking that an abnormally hairy guy was actually someone very important.

"Watching the show, even watching it back then, it was like, that's never going to happen to me. That's something that just doesn't happen to people, you know," Weaver said.

And then when the big reveal is shown like every episode, Weaver's heart dropped.

"Did I mess anything up? I hope I didn't do anything wrong," Weaver said. "This is the president, the boss man, the CEO. This is the guy who pretty much signs my paycheck at the end of the day for everything."

The undercover boss turned out to be COO Bryon Stephons. He not only gifted Weaver with more than $20,000 in cash and training, he gave him is own franchise store.

"I still haven't come off of cloud nine. I'm sitting up there, nice and pretty, like, oh, this is amazing. This is wonderful," Weaver said.

It is proof that hard work really doesn't go unnoticed, even if it's flipping pizzas in small town Sanford.

"If you go in and do your job everyday, and you actually put in that 110 percent effort, whether or not you think you get paid enough for it, or you think you're appreciated for it, somebody's eventually going to see it," Weaver said.

Weaver plans to open the franchise within a year.