Brevard superintendent promises to address LGBT issues

Brevard County schools continue to address LGBT policy despite opponents

BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. – Superintendent Desmond Blackburn pledged that the discussion of an anti-discrimination policy affecting LGBT students and faculty is not over, News 6 partner Florida Today reported. 

Blackburn called some of the language used during the school board meeting about expanding the district's anti-harassment policy on Feb.9 offensive. 

Approximately 90 people spoke out against the LGBT anti-harassment policy, with some threatening to remove their children from Brevard Public Schools if it was enacted and others saying they wanted to "bring Jesus Christ back" into the classroom, Florida Today reported. 

"While many of the comments offered sincere opposition to the change, other speakers chose to use language that many felt was offensive, including the Board, staff, our students and myself.  I want to reassure you that these sentiments do not represent the thoughts, feelings, or interests of our district," Blackburn wrote in a statement released Tuesday according to Florida Today. "In fact, it is the position of this district that we are great champions of all human beings regardless of their sex, religion, national origin, race, disability, gender identity, and so forth."

Avis Ann Furman, an opponent of the policy who attended the meeting, stated, "I don't want that stuff even shown to my kids and grandkids. We're trying to raise them how the Bible tells us to, and they're making it hard," Florida Today reported. 

Blackburn said the weeks and months to come there will be more conversations regarding the policy.