Do you have what it takes to be a Legoland Master Builder?

Behind the scenes in the Legoland workshop

It sounds like a child's dream-- building with Legos-- and getting paid for it.


It's actually a real job, though it's tough to get.


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Luke Phillips is one of the lucky ones.


"I don't want to be an adult with responsibilities, but I am," said Phillips. "Definitely a Lego fanatic."


When he builds with Legos, something just clicks.


"I'm very lucky to be here to do this, playing with toys all day," said Phillips.


He's a Lego Master Builder at Legoland's Winter Haven park. There, more than 60 million Lego pieces shape a kids' experience.


"I did not know it was possible to make something that big out of Legos," one young fan told News 6 anchor Matt Austin.


"The architecture and all the engineering that went through them, it's inspiring," said another.


Those meticulous sculptures you find all over the park take a lot of planning. Master Builders use computer models to plan out their projects. 


Phillips has a background in graphic design, but no degree.


"Literally, the requirements for working here are being 18, and willing to build with Legos," said Phillips. "Sign me up."


Master Builders have to pass assessments, like recreating models without taking them apart or making a sculpture after only looking at a picture.


Once they're in, they build models to place around the park. Each model gets glued as it's pieced together.


"If they're constantly falling apart, or people are taking pieces, we wouldn't even get to build new models," said Phillips.


Austin got to try to build some of his own Lego creations including a Lego anchorman, while learning the proper terms for the pieces: plates, blocks and studs. 


"That's not a news anchor you want to mess with there," said Austin. "Oh yeah, that feels right."


That's a feeling Phillips said he gets every single day-- and he has no plans to switch careers.


"Until I turn 99, I'm going to keep playing with Legos."


As far as how much Master Builders make, Legoland wouldn't confirm a specific salary, but in prior interviews, News 6 found the salary range $35,000 to $40,000 has been quoted.


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