Iconic Winter Park restaurant suddenly shuts down

Park Plaza Gardens closes it's doors

WINTER PARK, Fla. –  A staple of Winter Park's restaurant scene for decades has closed it's doors. The owner of Park Plaza Gardens announced the closure on its website and on Facebook earlier this week, saying it's temporarily shutting down because "certain conditions in the building make it impossible to stay open."

The website reads the restaurant shut its doors on Monday, but those dining on Park Avenue Friday afternoon were just finding out.

"You always saw a bustling of people in the bar area, eating outside and then all of a sudden there were no tables, no people," said Cindy Hanin, who works nearby.

The once iconic restaurant is now a sore sight for the ritzy area.

"It's like the Eiffel Tower going away from Paris," said Ira Shefran, a doctor whose office is nearby.

"It's sad because 20-25 years ago you couldn't get in here on a Friday or Saturday night," added resident Bob Hold. "It's just not run properly. The food wasn't that good the service wasn't that good, it just deteriorated."

There is no clear reason for why the sudden closure, but this isn't the first time this has happened. News 6 was there in October of 2013 when a health inspector with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation shut down the restaurant after they say employees weren't washing their hands and they found roaches and rodent droppings inside.

However, News 6 pulled the latest health inspection from December of 2015 and Plaza Park Gardens passed, meeting all of the states inspection standards.

So to find out exactly what conditions the owners are working on, News 6 tried calling, only to get  an automated message saying, "We are working with the landlord, the owner of the building to bring these issues to an effective and rapid resolution."

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