UCF non-profit donates 15th 3-D printed bionic arm to child

10-year-old cheerleader gets new arm

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – A UCF business and non-profit are getting results by donating a 3-D printed bionic arm to a young cheerleader.

Julianna Linton has a new reason to cheer. The 10-year-old showed off her tumbling skills Wednesday and her new 3-D printed bionic arm built by Limbitless Solutions."

"The Limbitless Solutions team has been so amazing at working with her to make sure they get just the right fit for the arm and to have it do all the things she wants to do with it, it's going to help her so much," Julianna's mother Kathleen Linton said.

The young cheerleader came to UCF all the way from Texas to get a gift of a lifetime. Her new arm was delivered by UCF's mascot and cheerleaders.

"Being with the cheerleaders has been her dream, to play along with college cheerleaders today," Kathleen said.
It is also a sweet gift, thank to UCF business Topper's Creamery. The ice cream shop on campus raised $400 in just one day to pay for the new arm.

"It makes their life different and better. Even thought they don't seem to feel like they have a disability or anything, with these robotics they can do more," Charly Robinson with Topper's Creamery at UCF said.

Kathleen says her daughter's new arm with help with simple, everyday activities.

"She's so independent and this is something that will help her maintain that independence that she always had," Kathleen said.

"It's so exciting to see them be in their comfort zone and be able to express themselves and see what it's going to do for their future," Limbitless Solutions founder Albert Manero said.

The gift is taking Julianna's future to new heights.

"Today they are showing her that she can be a part of this and she can achieve anything she wants to," her mother said.

Julianna is the 15th child to receive a 3-D printed bionic arm from Limbitless Solutions.

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