Video shows thieves stealing SUV from Orange County mayor's home

Honda Pilot stolen; 2 sought

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – An SUV was stolen late Saturday night from Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs’ driveway, according to the Orange County Sheriff's Office.

Deputies said Jacobs' family woke up to find the maroon 2015 Honda Pilot missing. The SUV is Jacobs' husband's work vehicle, according to the incident report.

Video shows two men walking up to the driveway of the home and pulling on the door handles of all three parked cars. The driver's side door of the Honda Pilot at the end of the driveway opened and one thief got in while the other continued checking the other cars. When the SUV started, both culprits got in and drove off.

Jacobs' husband said he thought he had locked the SUV, which had a briefcase, company laptop and radar detector in it. The items are valued at about $1,500, officials said.

Teresa Jacobs released a statement about the theft on Monday.

“This weekend, our family woke to find that one of our cars had been stolen during the night. Thankfully, no one was harmed, and we are hopeful that the vehicle will be located," she said. "The sheriff’s department is investigating. None of us are immune to crime and this serves as an excellent reminder to take all precautions."

Jacobs said she doesn't believe that she was targeted.

Deputies are searching for the car and whoever stole it.

Neighbors told News 6 the area has been hit by car burglars in the past.

"They were going from neighborhood to neighborhood, just checking doors to see if they were unlocked," said neighbor Ari Samson, describing an incident two months ago. "It wasn't specifically hers, they could've gone to any car to any driveway. His was just unlocked."

Samson said that's what led the Jacobs to add additional surveillance cameras pointing down at their driveway. Currently there are four.

Coincidentally, this weekend Orange County Sheriff's Deputies had posted a warning on Twitter about recent car break-ins and to lock doors and remove valuables.

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