Waiter's compassion toward man with no hands goes viral

Patron caught moment on camera


DOUGLASVILLE, Ga. – A Facebook post about a waiter's compassion toward a customer with no hands is going viral.

The photo, taken at Cinco de Mayo Mexican Grill in Georgia, shows a young waiter named Alex sitting down and feeding a customer with no hands.

Reginald Widener, the man who posted the picture, witnessed the event and wrote: "This seriously hit me right in the soul. Still good people in the world." 

Widener told CBS News that Alex sat down with the man until he finished his meal, and looked happy to help him.

Asked about his good dead, Alex said he did it because it was right and he was happy to do it. 



So I'm at cinco de mayo and Alex (server) had a man come in with no hands. So Alex is now helping the man eat his lunch. This seriously hit me right in the soul. Still good ppl in the world

Posted by Reginald Widener on Sunday, April 24, 2016