Teens capture close encounter with great white shark off Central Fla. coast

GoPro used to record video of shark off Ponce Inlet

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PONCE INLET, Fla. – Two teens got a thrill over the weekend while having a close encounter with a great white shark off the Central Florida coast.


Wylie Phelan, and Taylor Magone, both 18, were about 20 miles off Ponce Inlet on Saturday when they spotted the 15-foot shark.

The best friends tell News 6 they weren't nervous at all, but excited, after they saw a great white shark circling near their boat on Sunday.

"Something incredible. Once in a lifetime that's for sure," said Wylie Phelan.


Phelan and Magone were out fishing for grouper near the inlet, but found a great white shark instead.

"Just a gray shadow coming up on us. You couldn't miss him. A 16-foot shark coming up on you," said Phelan.

"He probably did 20 or so circles around the boat," said Magone.

The teens used a GoPro camera to capture the massive shark swimming next to their boat just inches below the water's surface.

"I was just holding the camera and just sticking it in the water so I could get some great shots of him," Magone said.

The teens told News 6, they weren't scared at all.

"He seemed, nice friendly, calm," said Phelan.

So awesome, that they posted their videos on social media, that's already getting thousands of views. The teens said they'll be going back out fishing and will be on the lookout for their new friend.

"He wanted us to take pictures  of him basically. Came right up, was looking right into our eyes, like, it was awesome," said Magone.

If they don't spot the shark again, they're just happy to have captured the amazing moment.

"I knew if I got like up close and personal, it would honestly be a once in a lifetime shot," said Magone.

"I'll never see one of those ever again. Unless I'm lucky," said Phelan.

The shark did not appear to be tagged, according to the teens.

(Video: Courtesy Michelle Phelan)


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