Masked men sought in Orlando sledgehammer burglaries

Yellow sledgehammer in hand for multiple business burglaries, cops say

ORLANDO, Fla. – Orlando police are searching for the masked burglars who they say are breaking into businesses using a sledgehammer.

Police said the thieves are wanted in at least three burglaries in Orlando where a sledgehammer is used to break into the business. The culprits then look to steal the safes.

The burglaries were reported on May 16 at the Liquor Masters store and the Royal Beauty Supply and Beauty Exchange Supply stores at May 23.

Police said it appears there are two to three men in the surveillance videos.

All three men were caught on camera breaking into the three businesses and every time, they had that yellow sledgehammer in hand.

"We have what seem to be a crime trend going on where a group males are breaking into mom and pop type businesses with sledgehammers," said Detective Kristine Rosado.

Rosado says the men found the safe and the cash boxes within minutes at all three stores, making them believe they were no strangers to the business.

"They may have also been into these stores before," Rosado said. "It appears they know exactly where they are going when they got into the store."

An employee at Liquor Masters, Janie Caraway wasn't at work the day of the burglary but says they got away with an entire ATM machine and thousands of dollars worth of cash. She says they even disarmed the alarm.

"They are professionals," she said. "It's kind of scary."

Orlando investigators believe there are more stores that were hit by these burglars. They are now working with other agencies in surrounding counties to find them

Contact Crimeline at 800-423-TIPS if have any information on the burglaries.


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