Pulse shooting survivor honors victims with music video

ORLANDO, Fla. – A man, who said that he made it out of Pulse Nightclub alive, has recorded a song and music video in honor of the victims.

Joshua Lewis said he was standing near the front bar of Pulse, an area Lewis said that the shooter first began to fire his gun.

Lewis said that he ran outside, but his friend was held hostage in the bathroom.

In a song called "Tears Fall," Lewis said that he is putting into words how he feels after the tragic incident.

"Try to get out and get out as quickly as possible and to know that there are other people in there who couldn't get out at the time," said Lewis.

Once outside Pulse, he texted with his friend who was being held in the bathroom. Lewis even showed police at the scene, how his friend was describing what was going on inside.
"I told him I was praying and he was like let the authorities know what we were going through and I handed my phone to them, and it took me to like continue to text to find out more information," said Lewis.

The song and music video, Lewis hopes will help others heal as well. Lewis is calling for prayer and hope, refusing to be silenced.

"Like stars in the dark sky, let's light up the world with our light. That right there is like in this cold, cold world, we each need to be a star," said Lewis.
Lewis said that he's a changed person after making it out of Pulse alive. He said that he isn't taking life or his loved ones for granted.

"Being put in this situation like this, I'm definitely more cautious and I'm very aware of my surroundings. Very aware," said Lewis.

To watch Joshua Lewis' video for "Tears Fall," you can click on this link.  

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