Orange County expands mosquito control program

10 more employees hired to help battle Zika virus

ORLAND, Fla. – The Orange County Mosquito Control program just hired 10 more employees to help out with neighborhood inspections and public education. It's all in an effort to help combat the Zika virus.
"We show people what they can look for and what they need to do and you know the best way to control these mosquitoes is to remove their larval habitat," explained director Kelly Duetsch.

She said the Zika virus has become a serious threat to the community, with new cases popping up every week.

"All of the cases in Florida are travel associated, but there is a risk that a local mosquito could bite an infected person and then the local transmission occurs," said Duetsch.

She said that's why the extra employees will be helpful. They can do more testing, neighborhood inspections and talk with residents.

If you're worried about any of the mosquitoes in your area, you can always call always call one of the mosquito control programs.

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