Deputy's body camera gives glimpse of Orlando nightclub shooting

Orange County Sheriff's Office releases video to News 6

ORLANDO, Fla. – Body camera video released to News 6 Wednesday shows an Orange County sheriff's deputy responding to the Pulse nightclub massacre.

[WARNING, CONTENT MAY BE GRAPHIC | VIDEO: Body camera 1 | 2 | | 4 ]

Forty-nine people were slain and 53 others were injured in the June 12 mass shooting inside Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando.

The video shows that deputies were prepared for an onslaught of victims but didn't know where the gunman was located.

As deputies move into the club to rescue victims, something stops them in their tracks.

"Back up, back up, back up! Back up behind (unintelligible)," a deputy said.

A new plan is then devised.

"Everybody slow down. One person push the stretcher. Two people (are needed) grab people to put on the stretcher," a deputy said.

The video also shows a deputy frantically trying to change his bloody gloves. He's seen running back to the club yelling for those inside to get out.

"Go! Let's go, let's go!" he said.

Later in the video, victims were seen walking hand in hand with deputies. One man appeared concerned for his friends who were still trapped inside.

"Please help, my friends are upstairs and they are very injured," the victim said.

The shooter, Omar Mateen, was killed by authorities.

Most survivors who were wounded in the shooting were taken to nearby Orlando Regional Medical Center. The hospital said Wednesday that one patient remains hospitalized in critical condition.

File: Additional reports of deputies who responded to Pulse shooting

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