Nationwide computer issue plagues Southwest flights, website

30 flights canceled at OIA after Southwest computer outage


ORLANDO, Fla. – Southwest Airlines canceled 220 more flights Thursday morning, a day after the airline canceled up to 700 flights because of a computer system outage. 

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The Orlando International Airport reported 30 combined arrival and departure flights were canceled for the day on Thursday. Travelers should check with Southwest Airlines for schedule changes and updates, airport officials said.

The "intermittent performance issues" with multiple technology systems prompted all check-ins, baggage and ticketing to be done manually at OIA Wednesday, along with causing temporary ground stops for flights that hadn't left the gate yet.

"Flight delays across our network have resulted in 600-700 canceled and delayed flights," Southwest Airlines said in a statement Wednesday night. "Systems are gradually coming back online and we continue to move toward a normal operation."

The airline said in a statement on Thursday that employees, "worked around issues with primary systems and utilized back-up procedures to get as many customers and checked luggage to their intended destinations as we worked to fix the system."

"We sincerely apologize to our customers whose travel plans have been impacted," the airline said in a statement.

Pictures posted to social media Wednesday afternoon showed long lines wrapping in front of the Southwest kiosks at OIA, with people sitting down.