Walmart employee accused of refusing service to St. Cloud police officer

Officer allegedly denied service at St. Cloud Walmart

ST. CLOUD, Fla. – The St. Cloud Police Department recently filed a formal complaint with Walmart after an employee allegedly refused service to a St. Cloud police officer.

"That's really wrong. I don't think an employee should be doing that, and Walmart should issue an apology," said Hector Pozzo, who was shopping at the store.

The Police Department wouldn't give any other specifics on what happened during the incident, but did say they trust that Walmart will handle the situation properly and professionally.

The store has since responded and announced that the employee involved in the allegations no longer works there.

A spokesperson for Walmart also issued this statement on the matter:

"We take these things seriously and do not tolerate discrimination of any kind in our stores. We value the relationships we have with law enforcement agencies throughout the country and we've met with the St. Cloud Police Department to address their concerns.  We want everyone to be treated with respect whether they are in our stores or anywhere in the community."

The relationship between the Police Department and Walmart seems to be OK despite what happened. On Wednesday, the police chief visited the store to meet the new store manager.