Homeowner shoots suspected burglar in Oviedo

OVIEDO, Fla. – A suspected burglar is in the hospital after being shot by a homeowner Saturday night in Oviedo, according to the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies told News 6 the shooting happened at a home on Van Arsdale Street.

Deputies said a man heard someone trying to get into the back door to his office. The suspect could not get in and went around to front of home to try to break into homeowner's car.

The homeowner then confronted the suspect-- who ran across the street and hid in the bushes. The suspect then charged at the homeowner-- causing him which to push the suspect away and shot the suspect multiple times, SCSO said.

News 6 spoke to Gore Hamrick, a neighbor who heard the gun shots.

"It was louder than a gun shot, even louder than a shot gun. It was gigantic explosions," Hamrick said.

Hamrick said he thought the sounds were fireworks.

"It didn't sound like a gun. It sounded like a cannon went off a couple times," he said.

The accused burglar was transported to the hospital. The suspect’s condition is unknown.

"There was 10 or 12 sheriff's, rescue unit, a fire truck and they took somebody in the road and hauled him away in a stretcher," Hamrick said. "I believe you ought to be able to shoot and take your own action to protect your property." 

No word on charges for both involved in the shooting. The suspect could face an attempted burglary charge.

Names or ages of the people involved were not released.

News 6 will update this article as more information becomes available.

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