Discovery Cove welcomes 5 baby dolphins

Discovery Cove gets a whole lot cuter!

ORLANDO, Fla. – Discovery Cove just got a whole lot cuter!

Five baby bottlenose dolphins were born at SeaWorld's Discovery Cove within a month of each other.

The calves, named Kona, Titan, Nero, Star and Storm, are staying close to their mothers in order to learn how to swim on their own.

The newest additions will stay close to their mothers for a while, then will have the opportunity to become social and play with the other mothers and babies.

"Dolphins are highly social animals, so it's common for new mothers to get assistance from experienced moms, who are known in the dolphin words as 'aunties'", said Discovery cove trainer Gina McDaniel. 

Trainers are watching over the mothers and babies around the clock to monitor their health and well-being.