21 million robocalls hit Orlando in 1 month

Free app will block robocalls with high tech trick

ORLANDO, Fla. – Orlando’s 407 area code saw 21-million robocalls connect  in July, mostly from con men and debt collectors, according to the latest data from call blocking service YouMail, Inc.

A breakdown of the data shows Orlando residents are receiving an average of 14.5 robocalls per person.

As an example, Orlando number 407-358-6498 recently had over 2,500 calls blocked by YouMail, while 30 users complained about it being spam, and another batch of people  filed FTC reports on it.

Company CEO Alex Quilici said unwelcome Robocallers “are wreaking havoc on millions of frustrated consumers.”

The National Robocall Index showed U.S. phones were hit with 2.42 billion robocalls in July alone.

The index shows roughly 20 percent of  the calls appear to be originating  in three states:  Florida, Texas and California.

Quilici told News 6 that while those area codes may show up on your call screen the calls could be coming from anywhere  in the world.

“It could be a guy down the street, a guy across the country it could be a guy offshore,” he said.

YouMail already has signed  nearly  8 million subscribers to its free “smart blocking” service.

The company uses algorithms to detect any automatically dialed calls and then “aggregates that call data into the Robocall Index.”

YouMail’s free blocking feature ”rolls” the calls to a voice mail message fooling spammers and other unwanted callers into thinking their number is no longer in service.

Of the Top 50 Most Robocalled Cities, 21 were based in Southern states, and 15 of the 20 most robocalled area codes were also in Southern states. Atlanta’s 404 area code was the nation’s hardest hit area code per capita, with roughly 43.8 million calls received – or 1.19 robocalls per person each day for the entire month.

For more information go to https://www.youmail.com/

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