Florida woman makes bomb threat to halt boyfriend's urine test, police say

Deniz Martinez arrested in Winter Haven

Deniz Martinez.
Deniz Martinez.

WINTER HAVEN, Fla. – A Central Florida woman made a bomb threat in an attempt to keep her boyfriend from submitting a urine sample at a probation office, according to police.


Winter Haven police say Deniz Martinez, 31, called 911 on Tuesday, saying a man outside the office was going to "blow the building up."

Investigators determined the cellphone number belonged to Martinez, who drove her boyfriend, Jason Drake, 38, to the office earlier in the day.

Officials say he wasn't able to provide the urine sample and was required to stay there until he submitted a sufficient sample.

Officers say they tracked down Martinez, and she acknowledged making the call.

Martinez was charged with making a false report about a bomb.

Drake was arrested, accused of a probation violation.

Records don't indicate whether either have a lawyer.