Glenridge Middle School student says teacher made anti-Clinton remarks

Mom tells News 6 she's upset with how school responded

WINTER PARK, Fla. – In Erin Huff's home Hillary Clinton is the one to vote for. That's why comments made by her youngest son Monday had her confused and frustrated. 

"As we were pulling off my youngest son started to look at my older son and tell him that Donald Trump was the best candidate for president and that Hillary Clinton was a racist," said Huff.

She asked her son where he heard that from. He said his history teacher had talked about it.

"I asked, 'what did he say? How did he say it?' He said that she was a racist and then went into saying how Bill Clinton did something while he was in office and she went along with it and so that made her a racist too," said Huff.

Huff contacted the school. Tuesday morning, she received an email from the assistant principal instruction that read:

"Please rest assured that our principal met with the teacher this morning, and this issue is put to rest.
It is never appropriate for teachers to inflict their opinions on hot topics such as politics in the classroom.
Please keep me informed if this ever happens again.  We do not tolerate this.
Thank you for trusting me with this problem." Mrs. Diane Carter, Assistant Principal of Instruction
Glenridge Middle School."

"By put to rest, I'm not exactly sure what that means but he is still there teaching my son and all these other young children right now so it's really not the outcome I was expecting," said Huff.

When asked about Huff's concerns, a spokeswoman for Orange County schools says the remarks were made between students.

Another county representative with the school said the principal has talked with students and the teacher.

But for Huff, that's not enough.

"I just think it should be left out of the school. They're not voters. They're not of age to vote. It has nothing to do with them. So, to fill their little heads with that instead of the school work they're there to learn it just ridiculous," said Huff.

News 6 requested an interview with the school's principal, However, News 6 was told the school system does not discuss student related issues.