Pulse quilts delivered for victims of Pulse nightclub shooting

23 countries, all 50 states sent donations

ORLANDO, Fla. – Fifty quilts from the Quilts for Pulse Project were delivered to Fire Station One in downtown Orlando on Wednesday.

The project was started by Alissa Lapinsky, president of the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild, who wanted to give back to Pulse victims and their families.

The original goal was 102 quilts.

However, Lapinsky received an overwhelming response on Instagram from all across the globe, fromAustralia,Canada and the United Kingdom.

People wanted to help and be a part of this project. So they sent fabric and supplies to help make these quilts a reality.

"I just felt like something needed to be done. As a quilt guild, we can give love by giving quilts,” Lapinsky told News 6 in September.

Twenty-three countries and all 50 states sent donations with enough material to make 1,800 quilts.

She exceeded her goal by 15 times.

Orlando Fire Chief Roderick Williams said he was very appreciative for all of the hard work from the group, as they delivered the second set of quilts to the fire station Wednesday.

Last week, the group delivered 80 quilts to the station.

"My grandmother used to knit. I know the time she put into doing that. So, for them to to do that shows commitment. It shows love. It shows all those things that we as a community, that we need. Those individuals did that and I'm so very thankful,” Williams said.

The group was honored with a News 6 Getting Results award in September.

The group waited until October to distribute the quilts, to coincide with Pride Month.