Apopka teacher accused of exchanging 120,000 inappropriate texts with student

Alyson Nicole London faces multiple charges

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APOPKA, Fla. – An Apopka Memorial Middle School teacher is facing several charges after investigators found that she exchanged thousands of inappropriate messages with a female student, according to the Apopka Police Department.

Officials said 44-year-old physical education teacher Alyson Nicole London became close with the girl while the she attended Apopka Memorial Middle School and the relationship continued when the victim moved to high school, according to the offense report.  

Police say London used SnapChat and Kik to message with the 14-year-old starting in 2015 and continuing until police started investigating the allegations against London on Sept. 27.

Apopka detectives reviewed more than 129,000 messages on the social media platform Kik between London and the victim.

Detectives reported hundreds of deleted messages of “sexual nature, rape, drugs and abuse,” according to the report.

In a conversation on August 13, 2016, the suspect asked the victim about her sexual activity and instructed her how to masturbate.

During the same conversation, London told the victim she had feelings for her starting when the victim was in 7th grade, but “fell in love with” her while she was in 8th grade.

London encouraged the victim to ask her questions about sex, explaining sexual actions in graphic detail.

Throughout their conversations on KIK, London referred to the victim as a daughter and said, “I love you, baby girl.”

London said her husband was very jealous of the relationship she had with the victim, because he at first thought she was talking to another man.

“I told him to [explicit] off,” said London in a message to the victim. “You’re my daughter and if I want to talk to you I can.”

She told the victim that she has cheated on her husband with 10 different men.

On Sept. 17, the victim messaged London pretending to be a male. London encouraged the person she thought she was messaging with to commit sexual acts on the victim while she was passed out.

The victim later admitted to detectives on Oct. 13 that she was posing as another person during those conversations and others. Police say she also admitted to lying about being raped, being abused at her home, using drugs and alcohol and having sex.

Teachers are legally obligated to report disclosures of abuse to the Department of Children and Families, but London never reported any of the victim's allegations, police said. London said she didn't report the disclosures because she didn't want to violate the victim's trust. 

London also arranged meetings with the victim on school property and at a church.

The victim's mother told detectives she knew London was exchanging messages with her daughter when her girl attended the school. The mother notified school officials and had her daughter removed from London's class. The mother thought communication between her daughter and London had stopped at that point, according to the 19-page report.

School officials told London not to have contact with the victim through social media.

Another teacher who shared an office with London told detectives she saw the victim in the office, where students aren't allowed, on several occasions. That teacher also said she witnessed London rubbing the girl's shoulders and touching her hair, back and legs.

That teacher provided school officials with photos and videos of these interactions when the victim attended  the school, police said.

After London was told not to have contact with the student, she would ask friends of the victim to communicate messages to the girl.

London denied any wrongdoing when she was interviewed by a detective. She claimed she didn't know how to use messaging apps and suggested that someone may have hacked her phone, according to the report.

London was arrested Friday and charged with solicitation to commit sexual battery, failure to report child abuse as a mandatory reporter, failure to report sexual abuse as a mandatory reporter, attempted interference with custody, unlawful use of a two-way communication device, transmission of harmful material to a minor and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. 

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