SeaWorld rehabilitating rescued bottlenose dolphin

Dolphin found stranded in Sanibel

ORLANDO, Fla. – SeaWorld's animal rescue team is currently caring for a 7-foot male bottlenose dolphin who was rescued after being found stranded in Sanibel, Florida.

The dolphin arrived at SeaWorld on Wednesday and the rescue team began a complete health assessment. Veterinarians and rescuers started to care for the animal by providing him fluids and antibiotics.

Since the dolphins arrival on Wednesday, rescuers said they are cautiously optimistic that the animal will continue to improve. Rescuers said the dolphin is a strong swimmer, which is a positive sign for recovery.

The SeaWorld animal rescue team also took in a manatee earlier this week that had been stuck in a Jacksonville storm drain. 

The rescue team is on call 24 hours a day to care for rescued animals, with the goal of rehabilitating them and returning them to the ocean.