Two women accused of beating man in wheelchair, police say

Both women charged with abuse of elderly or disabled adult

(Getty Images)

Two women were arrested for punching and beating an elderly adult in a wheelchair on New Year’s Day at the 7-Eleven on Church Street.

According to the arrest report, the security officer told police that he heard yelling coming from outside the store. He then saw two people, Zamira Solorza Penalosa and Yanavive Santiago, punching the victim. The victim who sitting in a wheelchair due to a spinal cord injury was trying to raise his arms and protect himself, police said.

As the security guard got close, he saw one of the women strike the man in the back of the head with a liquor bottle.

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The victim sustained a minor cut and bruising to his neck, police said.

As the security officer got closer, the two women took off and police were called.

One the women told officers that they got upset because they thought the victim used a gay epithet toward them.

When officers asked one of the women if it was necessary to strike the victim in the back of the head the woman, Solorza Penalosa, stated that it was.

Surveillance video captured from the incident showed the two women kicking and punching the victim. Officers said the video does not show the victim trying to hit the suspects and it shows Solorza Penalosa with a liquor bottle in hand, the arrest report said.

The video also shows the victim cowering down in an effort to protect himself.

The victim was treated by Orlando Fire Department and did not want to be transported to the hospital.

Penalosa and Santiago were both charged with a third-degree felony of abuse of elderly or disabled adult.