Publix no longer offering free slice of meat at deli counter

Nice knowing you, free deli meat

ORLANDO, Fla. – Say it ain't so, Publix deli! 

Publix announced that they will no longer be handing out free slices of deli meat at their deli counter for customers to sample, according to the Tampa Bay Times

Historically, when a Publix customer ordered deli meat at the counter, the Publix deli worker would cut a slice and ask the customer if he or she approved of its thickness. After the customer said whether the thickness was to his or her liking, the deli worker would give the customer the slice free of charge. 

Brian West, media relations manager at Publix,  told the Times "We are piloting a change in a few dozen delis in central and southwest Florida to create a more natural exchange between our deli clerks and our customers." 

West confirmed that the free slice of deli meat is no longer offered, but there is a way around this new rule.

"If the customer would like a free sample, they just need to ask the associate. In fact, customers can always ask for a sample of any item we have. That's one of the best ways to introduce our customers to new things," West told the Times.

So, if you desperately want that meat slice, you can still have it. You just have to ask. And if you don't feel like asking the question, you can kiss that free slice goodbye.