Wife surprises husband with new ring after he loses 130 pounds

Weight-loss journey ends with big surprise at Disney

ORLANDO, Fla. – Ray Cooper was shocked when he saw his new wedding band. His wife, LaDonna, helped organize the surprise at Disney World.

"He was truly surprised because he knows me. He knows I don't do surprises," LaDonna said.

She said she knew she had to do something special for Ray, especially since it was their three-year anniversary and because he recently hit a major milestone in his weight-loss journey, dropping more than 130 pounds.

"Something clicked last year and through the help of some friends and some motivation, here I am. I started out at a size 50 jeans, size 3X shirts. Now I'm down to a size 32 pants," Ray said.

He also had to stop wearing his old ring because it was too big and well, boring, he said.

"Women are not the only ones that love bling OK?" Ray said.

LaDonna said she's just happy to see her husband smiling again.

"Now he's a totally different person now. He has so much more self esteem. He's happier and he's got more energy," LaDonna said.

Ray admits some days are easier than others but, he said he has always kept going.

"Don't be afraid because fear keeps us trapped. I lived 30 years in fear worrying about something, even in my childhood ... don't let fear capture you. Break outside of it and you can (be) anything you want," Ray said.