Deltona woman fights to get back dogs after animal hoarding

Woman admits she buried animals in backyard

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VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. – An alleged animal hoarder admits she'd buried several dogs in her Deltona backyard. The woman is fighting the city to get nine dogs back after investigators say they were found in deplorable conditions.

A judge postponed 74-year-old Linda Castillo's hearing for scheduling issues, but she said the city of Deltona had no right to take her animals. Investigators said the dogs had open wounds, severe medical issues, and lived in filth. Castillo denied that, but did admit that some had flea problems, and that the dogs were well fed. She then told our reporter that other dogs died of old age and she buried them.

According to court documents, Castillo is accused of keeping those dogs in cages, which were stacked high in her living room.

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"Yes, we did bury three of them, and they're in plastic containers, boxes, large ones like storage bins, and they're buried like that so they can be cremated, since we had no money to cremate them," Castillo said.

This isn't the first time Castillo has faced trouble for animal hoarding.

Castillo was arrested back in 2005 when Animal Control found 70 cats and dogs in her home. The city now wants her animals permanently seized. She's expected back in court next month.