Subway oven-roasted chicken is only 50 percent chicken, DNA test shows

Subway not the only restaurant who doesn't serve full fowl

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ORLANDO, Fla. – If you're eating a chicken sandwich at Subway, you may only get half the chicken you're expecting. 

A Canadian study recently showed that only half of Subway's oven-roasted patty is made with real chicken, according to a DNA test performed on the meat. 

The results showed that the oven-roasted chicken patties average 53.6 percent chicken DNA, while the sweet onion chicken terriyaki strips were even less--coming in at 42.8 percent.

The study says the rest of the "meat" is actually made up of soy.

The sandwich chain released a statement after the results stating, "All of our chicken items are made from 100 percent white meat chicken which is marinated, oven roasted and grilled. We test our chicken products recently for nutritional and quality attributes and found it met our food and quality standards."

Subway was not the only restaurant busted for not having 100 percent chicken. Wendy's grilled chicken sandwich tested at 88.5 percent chicken, while McDonald's grilled county chicken came in at 84.9.