Florida trapper catches 15-foot python in Everglades

Trappers part of pilot program to trap pythons in Everglades

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EVERGLADES, Fla. – There are some braves souls in the Florida.

Trappers Nicholas Banos and Leonardo Sanchez made a big catch this weekend in the Florida Everglades when they snagged a python.

Banos told News 6 that the python was about 15 feet long and weighed 144 pounds.

The men were two of 25 people selected to take "aggressive action against pythons," which have become a predators in the Florida Everglades.

Banos said it was the first python the two have caught as part of the pilot program, but they've caught several others in the past.

After Sanchez spotted the python, the snake sought cover. Banos said he and his partner had to fight through thick trees to bring it out. Their photographer and friend Michael Freifeld helped with the effort.