Man, 21, arrested in connection with more than 30 car break-ins near UCF

Luther Braddy accused of burglarizing cars near Lake Claire apartments

ORLANDO, Fla. – Luther Braddy, 21, was smirking while being put into a patrol car Wednesday afternoon.

"It's sad, actually," a University of Central Florida police officer said. "He's 21 years old and already has about nine felony charges. He's on probation."

UCF police said Braddy is one of four men they've been looking for in connection to 35 car burglaries that have happened on campus.

"In all these burglaries that we had, there was really very little dollar value of the items stolen and thousands of dollars worth of damage, and that's just disrespectful," an investigator said.

Police said they traced Braddy down from several surveillance videos. Investigators said four black suspects were seen walking between cars at Lake Clarie Apartments and then driving a stolen vehicle on campus.


Video from the Fairfield Inn the same night shows one of the suspects enter the lobby while two others wait outside. Minutes later, the suspect walks out the side door.

Officers said they were able to match Braddy's clothing in both videos to one more burglary at a 7-Eleven when the group pulled up to pump gas.

"Most of them are on their way to career criminal status," an investigator said. "This defendant, of course, has numerous arrests, so this is not their first rodeo."

Police said they're on the suspects' tracks, working with other agencies to bring Braddy's three other friends into custody.

"Look over your shoulder, because you don't know when we're gonna be there, but we're going to come to arrest you," an officer said. "Its coming."

Police said they believe the group is connected to other car burglaries in Central Florida.