Bike riders' stunts in traffic cause outrage, concern in St. Cloud

Group called Cloud 9 posts tricks on YouTube

ST. CLOUD, Fla. – Some St. Cloud residents have turned to Facebook to warn others about a group of kids they said are showing off on bicycles, but doing so in dangerous ways. 

Many have reported being cut off by the group of young bicycle riders, or have almost run them over. They said it's been an ongoing issue and they're worried the kids will get hurt.

The group of bikers, who call themselves Cloud 9, post all their tricks on YouTube.

Video on their YouTube channel shows one teen doing wheelies in between cars at a green light, getting dangerously close to heavy traffic.

Another clip shows them feet away from people walking into a grocery store, and another in a neighborhood as cars are trying to drive by.

Some of the kids are as young as 10 years old.

Residents in the area told News 6 it's gotten so bad that they went on Facebook to warn others. The post said residents saw two kids riding their bikes toward them and playing chicken with their car, and that the kids moved out of the way only at the last second.

Dozens of people have weighed in on the outrage. One parent messaged News 6 that there's not a lot for kids to do in the city, adding that the BMX track isn't open enough.

Another said the teens' tricks are impressive, but performing them in traffic is not.

News 6 reached out to St. Cloud police about the issue. The department sent a log of all the calls made in reference to juveniles obstructing the roadways since March. More than 200 incidents have been recorded.

However, police said that doesn't necessarily mean all the calls were in reference to the bike group.


Many parents told News 6 that they understand what it's like to be a kid, but they just want them to ride a little safer.