Fiamma victim warned others of gunman's behavior prior to shooting, friend says

Lillian Crouch: Robert Snyder fired John Robert Neumann Jr. in April

ORLANDO, Fla. – A friend of Fiamma shooting victim Robert Snyder told News 6 on Monday that Snyder warned others of the gunman's behavior prior to the shooting.

It was Snyder who personally fired John Robert Neumann Jr. in April, said Lillian Crouch, who has been on a billiards team with Snyder for about three years.

Crouch said Snyder was the lead manager at Fiamma.

"(Neumann was fired) because he was starting fights with people," Crouch said. "Yeah, (Snyder) told me about this guy that had started trouble. He started a fight with somebody."

Crouch said Snyder told her at the time of Neumann's firing that he feared Neumann would return for revenge.

She also said Snyder hasn't mentioned Neumann's name recently.

"(Snyder was a) very reserved kind of person," Crouch said. "He kept to himself. He didn't make any fusses with anybody."

Who were the other victims?

The owner of Turtle Bay in Orlando said Snyder typically visited his establishment twice a week for more than two decades.

"We had 49 people killed, then we had a female police officer shot," the owner said. "Orlando, what the h--- are you doing?"

Snyder's neighbor, Tiffany Almany, said the American flag in Snyder's front yard now serves as a memory of the family man who lived next door, whom she saw leave for work early every morning.

"He just put the American flag up," Almany said. "It's a shame. It's sad. My heart goes out to the family, for sure. He had one more year, you know, for retirement. So, I just feel like, what a shame."

Snyder's friends said he was a husband, father and grandfather.

Friends have planned a charity benefit for his family, set for 4 p.m. June 24 at Turtle Bay, at 10402 E. Colonial Drive in Orlando.

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